deluxe cage

Poultry cage is an important poultry equipment in poultry production. There are two broad aspect of poultry production. They are eggs production and meat production. Broiler birds are raised primarily for meat production while layers are kept for egg production.

The poultry layer cages are primarily of two types;

-Cold dip galvanized cage

-Hot dip galvanized cage

 Cold dip galvanized cage is made of thick wire mesh. The surface is treated by dipping the hard drawn wire mesh into Zinc water, a process known as electro-galvanization This is an A design layer cage measuring 2m by 2m. It is cost efficient and has the capacity to comfortably house taller birds. It also has a drinking system which comprises of tanks, pipes, drinkers, pipe joints etc.

 Hot dip galvanized cages are welded and the surface is treated with hot galvanized zinc. Hot dip galvanized cages are strong and resistant to corrosion and never goes rusty. This A design cage measures 2.2m by 2.4m. It is a semi automatic cage and a plastic drinking system which is anti-rust.                    

 Hot dip galvanized cage is designed and built to last for 25 years,  it can therefore be used and sold at second hand value.

 Our cages come in CKD form (Completely Knocked Down). The meshes of both cages are of premium quality. They are made using high quality materials.

The use of cages in poultry production cannot be overemphasized as it ensures a high level of productivity, provides a cleaner and more hygienic housing area for the birds, low incident of disease outbreak among the birds and importantly, ease of access to the birds for record keeping and veterinary care.

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