Fighting out the era of covid 19, a lot of businesses have been severely impacted by the pandemic and particularly the agricultural sector. This pandemic has escalated and has caused major setbacks in the poultry production which has resulted into high losses, low profitability and thus crippled the efficiency and output of farmers.

According to FAO, warnings were being given that if measures are not taken to protect farmers, Nigeria could experience severe food shortages. Poultry production faces a whole lot of restrictions on logistics and distribution challenges.This is as a result of lack of synergy between the Federal Government and Poultry farmers. A lot of losses occurred during this period as poultry farmers and all farmers cannot transport their produce to various locations.

 Poultry farmers considered that eggs will be used as pallatives but reverse was the case as Voices of Food Security estimated that 5 million crates of eggs  at #40 billion perished as such income couldn’t be generated to buy poultry feeds .Day old chicks suffer mortality as hazards are faced enroute to where they are needed.Drivers tend to bribe their way through. This is not supposed to be ideally as restrictions are not placed on agricultural produce,equipments and machineries.

 Most agricultural companies had a fair share of logistics and distribution challenges as it was the major problem in transportation of poultry equipments and machines. Demand for poultry produce by major end users such as  catering services,eateries, restaurants, hotels and even the local bukas has reduced over the past few months and this  prompted reduction in prices so that the farmer’s at least can sell off their produce.

This pandemic resulted into unemployment of many poultry personnel as farms and companies have had to adjust to the new realities and relieve some workers of their jobs in order to comply to  the instructions of the government such as social distancing and other measures. These trends are likely to continue. Thankfully, the interstate travels has been eased, this will enable poultry production and other agricultural concerns resume operations fully. It is important to acknowledge the impact of the pandemic, access how the situation has changed and affected agricultural businesses and focus on ways to revive poultry production in Nigeria.


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