investment opportunity: POULTRY BREEDER/HATCHERY/PROCESSING plant.


Beulah Poultry plant, plan to integrate broiler chicks production with commercial meat production and processing. The facility will have in her 100 hectares land 60,000 breeders and one million commercial broilers at each point in time. The main aim of creating this farm is to fill in the void crated by the prohibition of importation of chicken into Nigeria. 727 tons of meat would be produced monthly, this is an equivalent of about 24 tons of meat per day. The business would create about 213 active jobs. The target is to generate about one billion naira per month as gross Profit.


Beulah Poultry Plant is a multiple revenue Plan. The Return on Investment for a breeder/hatchery/processing plant is 12% (IRR). It has the capacity to break even in less than 7months post production or one year post construction.

Monthly Net profit is forecast to N0.9billion (Nine Hundred and Seven Million, Six hundred and Ninety-Four Thousand Naira). It is estimated that 1,081,189 chicks would be produced per month while 30 tons of meat would be process daily

Capital required to establish this is about N4,600,000,000 (Four Billion, Six Hundred Million Naira Only). It will take six months to build both the poultry house, hatchery, cages, processing plant and install the incubators if all fund are available. The expertise of the promoter, the twenty plus years’ experience in the industry and the expertise generated by building similar businesses in the recent past are being combined to make this a plan a success. Processed chicken remains a staple globally. Nigerian demand for this product will continue to increase.


Beginning Cash Balance 
LOAN         4,600,000,000.00
Total Cash Inflows         4,600,000,000.00
BROILER PEN              800,000,000.00
CAGES FOR BROILER              800,000,000.00
FEED BUDGET              400,000,000.00
HATCHERY                14,000,000.00
INCUBATORS              312,000,000.00
BREEDER BIRDS              222,000,000.00
BREEDER PEN                60,000,000.00
BREEDER CAGES                62,000,000.00
PROCESSING PLANT                58,000,000.00
COLD ROOM              640,000,000.00
UTILITY/FUEL                 3,456,000.00
PAYROLL                14,910,000.00
GENERATOR              100,000,000.00
BOREHOLE                18,000,000.00
FEED MILL                65,000,000.00
TRUCKS 10 UNITS              150,000,000.00
COLD VAN 12 UNIT              120,000,000.00
STAFF QUARTERS              440,000,000.00
CHICK VAN                25,000,000.00
LAND 100HCT              200,000,000.00
Total Cash Outflows         4,504,366,000.00

Table 2. Profit and Loss


Poultry Breeding as a business is a cash cow presently in Nigeria because few farmers are into this sector mainly because it is highly capital intensive but it is a seller’s market. FARMERGIANT has the capacity to construct the pens houses, processing plant and the hatchery building etc within six month. Farmergiant will construct 75% Local materials. Details of investment procedure, security on capital. The return on investment is very high and all necessary details will be mad available to all intending investors by mail upon registration of interest.



  1. N2.5 billion is available on this window for investment
  2. 50% payback on capital per annum. Capital will be insured.
  3. Minimum investment window is 100 Million Naira
  4. Note: This means mandatory that every investment carries a 50% return on investment per annum, but investment matures 12 months post commencement of business.


  • PRIVATE Share purchase, 1 Billion Naira is available on this window
  • Direct profit sharing
  • Minimum purchase is 10,000 shares at N2.50k per share
  • Profit will be share according to Net profit after tax
  • Note: Beulah farms is an investment window of Farmergiant Nigeria Limited and Farmergiant is investing 2.5 Billion Naira which is 55.56% of 4.5 Billion shares of N1.0k each been sold at N2.50k as private placement.
  1. Send a mail to
  2. Or call/WhatsApp +2348099515923

Dr Paul Oche Adoyi.



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