Imported Chicken Cutter


Useful in cutting chickens


Used for cutting or poultry birds or other materials. The blade rotated by the motor drive is also provided with a regulating system that can achieve the requirements for different product cutting.

Blade material:

iron-chromium manganese vanadium forged, plus professional knife division edged blade, let our blade sharper, more wear.


use 202 stainless steel material, plate thickness: 3mm using a stainless steel motor cover, not only increase the overall appearance but also motor waterproof and anti-corrosion degree increase, thereby increasing the service life of the motor.

Technical parameter of poultry cutter machine

Power: 0.75kw

Voltage: 220v

Capacity: 200kg/h


Rotate speed:2800r/min

Weight: 45kg

Material:stainless steel


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